Monday, April 2, 2012

A Word Play On "Board"

Here in Indonesia we like to play plesetan kata (word playing). It usually begins with a person (just say A) mentioning a sentence, then the other person (it's B) pretends that one of the words A mentioned before was another word. 

I can do this for hours, especially with D who seems to know all words in the dictionary. But it was only several weeks ago that I played the game in English with two men from the marketing division, Vic and Can. Below is the excerpts of the game we played:

Situation: We are waiting for a client at the lobby of a building in Jl. HR Rasuna Said. Vic checked his smartphone and found that the client had moved the meeting to a board room, instead of the cafe they had agreed upon.

Vic : Guys, the client said we should go to the board room.
Can: Board room? You mean board to cross the river?
Me : That would be boat.
Vic :Yeah, and now I'm board.
Can: Bored, that is.
Vic : My name is Board. James Board.
Me : LOL. Hello, Agent Bond.

Happy Monday, people! :)

PS. Did you have a safe homecoming trip on Friday? The demonstrations in front of the House of Representatives and other places were awful, weren't they? I could not use the usual route since TransJakarta's Corridor 9 was not operated. So I took the electric train KRL Commuter Line. There was no trace of demonstration on board of the KRL and it felt as if the whole thing was just a dream.

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