Monday, February 5, 2018

Tattooed Indonesian Men Appreciation Post

There is a significantly rising number of tattooed Indonesian men on screen, either on TV or the big screen. So I thought I'd do a compilation of them, just for fun. 

Rio Dewanto. Source: DAMAN

Rio Dewanto
Actor Rio Dewanto had been working in television films for years and gained public recognition after he starred in Joko Anwar's The Forbidden Door in 2009. He worked again with Joko Anwar in Modus Anomali in 2011. He dated actress Atiqah Hasiholan, who is five years his senior, before tying the knot in 2013. I think, any man who dates and marries older woman deserves an honorable mention because the common norm that applies here is men usually marry younger women.

Chef Juna Rorimpandey. Source.

Juna Rorimpandey
The heavily tattooed chef rose to prominence after becoming one of the panel for cooking competition TV show MasterChef (2011-2012) and Hell's Kitchen Indonesia (2015-2016).

Marshall Sastra. Source: DAMAN (left) and Instarix (right)

Marshall Sastra
Marshall Sastra studied interior design in college and worked as a model, but he sort of caught public eye after becoming TV host for travel show My Trip My Adventure. He married model Dominique A. Diyose in 2014, but they separated one year later.

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