Monday, January 8, 2018

Fallen Trees, New Opportunities

A day before New Year saw heavy downpour with strong wind. A melinjo tree in my front yard fell down due to the wind, then a sour-sop tree in my backyard also fell down. The melinjo tree was actually a gift from nature. We never planted it, it just came out the earth, possibly dropped there by nocturnal animals.

The melinjo tree broke the lamp, and at first we thought it severed the telephone cable as well, but it didn't. We waited until the rain stopped and started to cut the small branches to ease us in pulling the bough to the front yard.

It's a good thing that we had a collection of sharp things. They really did a good job. My good neighbors came scurrying to help me, either they felt sorry to see a girl doing the hard work or chivalry is not dead. They did not have any tools, though. And when I asked them which tool they would like to use, they did a double take.

From this, I can deduce that one thing for sure, every girl should have a good collection of sharp things. And it should include brain.

Back to the fallen tree, I lent them machete and saw. Within 30 minutes, we managed to clean my the front yard. A neighbor asked if she could take some melinjo leaves, then she told us that the flowers could also be used. In a city where people are usually busy with their business, having a quick chat over melinjo bough is quite entertaining.

The next day, I found that the sour-sop tree in the back yard also fell. I remembered a friend had mentioned that she needed sour-sop leaves to cure her husband's leukemia. So I picked the leaves and asked her if she still needed some. She said yes, and I gave the leaves when we met a few days later for our annual lunch ritual.

I also asked the organic vegetable agents if they needed any. One agent responded and came to my house a few days later to pick up the leaves. She told me to take care of the sour-sop tree because many people needed the leaves, and I could sell the leaves through the agents.

I have always thought that a fallen tree meant the end of a life. It's funny how two fallen trees have opened spaces for conversations. But I guess life works in a funny way. I should learn to listen more to any opportunities in any situations.

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