Monday, December 18, 2017

The Social Media I'm Currently Using

I remembered having a Friendster and MySpace accounts, which are no longer available, too bad (OMG, I'm old!). Social media has developed into a far more interesting landscape since then.

However, many friends of mine have exited from the social media landscape, claiming that they have since lived a better lives. I have yet to reach that stage, because I still love sharing (to some extent). In my humble opinion, the key to a healthy life is having everything in moderation, which include social media consumption.

I like the fact that each social media serves a specific purpose, therefore I can show different side of myself in different platform. Also, with many socmed options out there, there is no pressure to make accounts, approve friend request or follow everyone you know on different platforms. You just have to be selective. Again, everything in moderation. For my peace of mind, I have placed all of my social media accounts on my iPod, except Instagram that is still on my mobilephone.

Here they are in no particular order...

Showcasing my outer shell, this is basically where public found the generic version of me and reach out to me. Facebook is like a socmed that almost everyone has, so it's the perfect media to stalk your exes, gather information on new flings, and showcase the best sides of yourself (ha!). I simply use Facebook to read news (because I don't subscribe to print newspapers), share web links on miscellaneous information (TED-X, Natgeo and online shops), check out fan pages (Idris Elba, ahem), and follow accounts that post regular cooking video (Tasty and Tastemade, you have ruined me for good).
Unfortunately, things have gone quite rough on Facebook since the presidential election. I had to hide or unfollow several friend accounts for the sake of my sanity. There are just too much noise and negativity on Facebook. However, I'd like to see this platform as a friend filter. You'd know that you can befriend someone, or at least tolerate someone up to certain extent, by reading their status updates.
No other country but Indonesia has a large number of Path users. This is a simpler version of Facebook, aimed for community groups. When it was first launched, it only allowed 150 friends. Now the number has been increased to..I'm not sure, perhaps 250? I only have around 20-25 friends  (divers, journos and colleagues) on this platform, though, so the friend limit doesn't matter much.
What I share on Path is mostly self-deprecating rants on being single, photos that should not see the light of day (just kidding!) and movie/music reviews.    

While Facebook is more about putting the best face forward, LinkedIn is about the works I've done, which are not much. I like that it's a focused platform on jobs. It has information on the latest job vacancies, who works where and tips on getting the job. I have yet to land any job through LinkedIn, but it has helped me reconnected with long lost friends. This is one serious socmed and if anyone ever made a fake account on this, they must have had a lot of free time.

This platform is more about beautiful quotes, complaints on Commuter Line delays, and random thoughts on life. In the past, I posted photos through this platform, but now most photos are on Instagram. 
With many international publications, such as NY Times, Washington Post and Huffington Post, have Twitter accounts, many journo friends made Twitter account just to follow their accounts to get the latest info. The 140-character limit was a perfect rule to get a correct, compact and concise info on any socmed. Therefore, I was one of the confused people when Twitter decided to expand its limit to 280 characters. What would I write? A novel?

The Architecture graduate in me still loves visual composition, colors, and. therefore, I made this account.  This platform mostly shows the food/drink I had, the landscape I saw during holiday/work trips, and other mundane life updates. Sometimes the caption is irrelevant to the photo. After I made the account, a revelation came upon me: I like being photographed, but I don't like posting that much photos of myself.

This is one platform that does not define me by my friends and my works, because I don't make this space for other people to see, but rather a personal online journal on life. It's more about my thoughts, feelings and other randomness. It's like my home in online world. Although there are many other social media, I just keep coming back here because I like writing and this platform gives me a lot of space to do so. I don't share or link this socmed with the other socmeds. Only a handful of my real life friends know the web address of this socmed. If you, by happenstance, find your way to this space, feel free to comment/ask me a question in a gentle attitude, I hope, and please don't be anonymous, I'd like to get to know you.

I heard some friends having more than one account or use pseudonym either for safety reason, stalking purpose or doing business. I only have one for each at the moment.

How many social media account do you have? And how do you use it?

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