Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Is The Year Of Changing Speed

It's the last day of the year, which means it's time for that yearender post.

Hello lovelies!

2017 kicked off quite slowly. I even managed to watch my first international ballet gala in February, but then the months rolled onto the fast lane as I had to finish all my work before the end of my work contract, which ended in June.

I've been wanting to experience a project closing, and this year, I finally got what I wished. In June 2017, I was released from the project I've been working with since April 2015. At first, I was scheduled for release at the end of May. But a week before May, the HR asked me if I would be available for one-month contract extension. 

I was actually looking forward to spending Ramadhan in peace. But the HR really asked a favor, and I thought I had yet to have a new job in the pipeline anyway, so I said okay. Despite having to work during Ramadhan, I still had some peace and even did i'tikaf

I only had 10 days of freedom after the end of contract as I got another job and the first day of work at the new office was July 10.  The new office is in Tebet, South Jakarta. It's in a residential area, but it is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and parks. It takes only 15 minutes to walk from Tebet station to the office. I spent much of free time exploring the eateries.

Have you also noticed that I have posted in this space quite a lot after I was released from previous workplace? That previous job really took a lot of my time and mind. I have been able to allocate more time to write and plan for posts since July this year. Having free time is a real privilege.

But the best thing about current job is it has sent me to Sumba Island. I've been to Flores Island and Timor Island, but those trips didn't really prepare me for Sumba, which is one of Indonesia's outer islands. There are several small islands in the southern part of Sumba, and people says that if we look towards the southern sky on a cloudless morning, we can see Australia's northern territory skyline!

The project in Sumba island will conclude in March 2018, so I need to find new workplace after New Year. However, there is a wonderful update in the work department: I got a freelance job from a former colleague. Good things come if you treat other people kindly, this is so true. The freelance job will last until end of 2018. It's my safety parachute should I had no permanent job after March 2018.

This year, I tried my hands at organic produce trade, and am still learning. It's definitely not easy, especially if you're living in a low-middle class area and the goods you're selling is organic produce. Some neighbors don't even care about eating healthy as long as they eat. One good thing from this experience was I knew how to cook vegetable. Just stir fry them with oyster sauce!

I threw vegetable stalks on my backyard, and they all grew! Since I put the stalks randomly, they kind of grew in a disconcerted pattern. M told me to place them in a dedicated pot. So I turned a former water pipe into a plant pot and moved most of the vegetable sprouts there. Let's hope they survive in the new habitat.

Also this year, I watched my first horror movie, Joko Anwar's Pengabdi Setan, in a cinema. It's a milestone for a scaredy cat like me. I watched quite a lot of movies this year but only a handful that made it into this blogs, including Marlina The Murderer in Four Acts and Arrival.

I thought I would not have any holiday trip this year. Then a friend called and asked me to accompany her to Bali because she had a hotel voucher that would expire in October. It was a very random request, but I decided to join her. We didn't do much during our three day and four nights there, it was a very relaxed holiday, no itinerary, no rush.

2017 has been a year with low achievement. No vacation abroad, no big plans, so unlike me in previous years. It's a year of changing speed, from slow to fast to slow again. Nevertheless, I still found that it has been a beautiful year too.

How was your 2017? Wishing you a wonderful New Year's Eve and an amazing year ahead, dearest.

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