Friday, December 25, 2015

Mencari Hilal

Indonesian | 2015 | 93 minutes | Director : Ismail Basbeth

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Mahmud (Deddy Sutomo), who has been preaching Islamic values for years, believes that Muslims should practice Islamic teaching thoroughly in order to reach ultimate happiness. However, his spirit sank when he finds that the Ministry of Religious Affair will use Rp 9 billion to decide on the hilal, which marks the beginning of a Hijriyah month.
He reminisces the tradition of looking for hilal that his pesantren (Islamic boarding school) used to do. It was a spiritual journey, but he had never done it since the boarding school was dissolved years ago. He would like to repeat the tradition to prove that religious worship should not be made to make oneself rich, hilal can be found without billions of rupiah. 
Unfortunately, his plan was hampered by Halida (Erythrina Baskoro), his daughter, who worries about his declining health. Halida finally allows Mahmud to go under the condition he should be accompanied by Heli (Oka Antara), the youngest child who has fled the house due to irreconcilable differences.
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Heli, who works as an environmental activist, has always been very critical on religious affairs. At first, Heli refuses to accompany Mahmud, but he has to obey his sister, who works in the immigration office, in order to get his passport renewal on time for he needs it to attend an international event in Nicaragua. Hence, this father-son team depart in a bad mood. 
Will Mahmud find the hilal he's looking for before Idul Fitri? Will Heli get his passport on time? Can this Ramadhan reunite the two hearts? 
This movie is a nominee for best movie in FFI 2015.
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Some notes:
(1) The idea of the film, I believe, takes the inspiration from Le Grand Voyage, a French movie about a father-son team going on a pilgrimage

(2) I like Heli's backpack in this movie! Can anyone tell me where to buy it?

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