Friday, October 9, 2015

Rules On Taking Ojek (Or When Kaleb And Yudha Take Ojek)

The existence of transportation apps Go-Jek and Grabbike is truly a godsend in this hectic city called Jakarta. We only need a smartphone to download the apps and order a service when we need it. However, for my friends Kaleb and Yudha, things are not as easy as that. Here are several situations where they found themselves in an uncomfortable situation with the apps.

1. Don't use other people's phone to order your ojek
Situation: Kaleb wanted to go to Senen, but he had yet to download the apps in his phone.
Kaleb: Bro, could you order a Go-Jek for me?
Yudha: Sure, bro.
(Several minutes later)
Go-Jek #1: Are you Yudha?
Go-Jek #2: Are you Yudha?
Kaleb: Why are you ordering two Go-Jek?
Yudha: Because I need one. Now, dear Sirs, could you tell us which one going to Senen and which one going to Tebet?
(Both Go-Jek drivers fumbled with their smartphones)

2. Put your own number in the profile
Situation: Henny, another university friend, felt compelled to help Kaleb and Yudha on this ojek apps problem
Henny: Ok, give me your smartphone, Kaleb. I'll help you download the apps for you. Here, put in your email and your number.
Kaleb: Wow, thanks. My email number is...
(Ten minutes later)
Kaleb: Yes! I can finally order ojek with my own smartphone!
(A minute later, Yudha's cellphone rang)
Yudha: Hello? Go-Jek? But I didn't order anything yet? To Senen? (glared to Kaleb)
Henny: Whose number you put there just now? Was it Yudha's?
Kaleb: Of course. Because I don't remember my own number

3. Always confirm the details before hopping on a passing ojek
Situation: Kaleb had ordered a Go-Jek to pick Yudha in Tebet (they just never learn, don't they?), and it was taking him so long to arrive. So when he did arrive, we cheered.
Kaleb: What took you so long, bro?
Yudha: Well, there was this Go-Jek arriving and I quickly hopped on. But then he took me someplace else. When I asked him, it turned out that he was supposed to pick another customer, not me. So we went back to where he picked me up, and there was the customer and my own Go-Jek driver.

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