Friday, March 20, 2015

Dream A Little Dream

One of Dinsky's cats

During a commute, my friend Dinsky turned to me and asked what were my childhood dream jobs. Do you still remember yours? I remember that most of my childhood dream jobs involved travel and transportation, such as flight attendant, bus driver and train machinist. I'm not sure why I picked those jobs, perhaps it had something to do with being the overprotected only child. I've always wanted to leave home and lead a bohemian life.

Dinsky told me that when she was a child, she often imagined having a glamorous lifestyle as a chief editor of a fashion magazine. "Like Miranda Presley in Devil Wears Prada?" I asked. She nodded. She said that there were always magazines at her home when she was a kid. She would cut the pictures, put on her mother's high heels and pretended that she attended a news budgeting meeting. By the way, her auntie works in Femina, one of Indonesia's leading fashion-lifestyle magazines.

Isn't amazing how wild our imagination were as a child? Now that I'm older, I've been playing safe in everything, including dreaming. Just for the sake of having fun, I'd like to share some of my wild dreams here.

Get a scholarship/work/live abroad for a few years.
Do a round-the-world trip like Phileas Fogg, the main character in Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days, but in a leisurely manner.
Do volunteering work with children in one of the islands in Indonesia.
Master three types of musical instruments, preferably piano, violin and clarinet.
Open an eatery/ice cream parlour/cafe and cook the menu myself (now, this is challenge).
Grow/make my own food.
Simplicite volontaire.
Master carpentry and masonry and then build my home with my own hands.

A dream that involves another person would be: Building a solid marriage.
But at the moment, I don't have the candidate yet to team up with me :D.

What are your dreams?


  1. My dream is menjadi ibu rumah tangga tip
    trus bisa bermanfaat bagi orang lain

  2. When I was in kindergarten I used to dream to become Sleeping Beauty, only to realize later that she does nothing but sleeping so it appeared to be not that cool anymore to me :D Then I wanted to be a stewardess so much that I had a special book where I kept pictures of stewardesses from different in-flight magazines just to motivate myself to reach this dream (I was 9-12 yo). Then during junior high I changed my mind, wanting to become a fashion designer. I event went learning French just to motivate myself to go to Paris to study fashion. But when I was about to finish senior high, reality struck as my parents told me they had no money for my fashion education, not even for the ones in Jakarta (IKJ, Esmod etc) or Bandung (ITB, textile designs). I took communications major without knowing what I wanted to be LOL. And I ended up being a journalist, my father's old job that I hated the most. But it was this journalism job that led me to many opportunities, which then led me to some other opportunities, including a chance to study in Paris (although not in Fashion looll). Life is indeed funny. But sometimes I miss the little Dian who had the courage to dream BIG :) I also still have some big dreams, including the one you mentioned later in your article: build a solid family hahaha... let's pray for each other then!! Hugs from the cold Paris, *D*

  3. @fika: aminnn
    @dian: i dream of visiting you in the not-so-cold paris :)