Friday, February 6, 2015

Webs For Those With Weather Worry

It's been quite hard to post everyday, but I hope I'll continue with this weekly routine. It's been raining in the past few days and the sky is grey. To bring some light to the day, let's talk about weather-related information.

I remembered seeing the first weather forecast program on TV, getting excited about the rain that would come and then disappointed when it didn't. I lost my faith in weather forecast there and then. But I guess weather forecasting technology has developed since then.

Here are several websites that I've been checking on before leaving for work or other activity:

The link will take you to a page for the weather forecast of Jabodetabek, but the web also has weather information for cities across Indonesia.

Commuter Line Official Twitter Account
Since I'm a regular passenger of the electric train, I check the Twitter account to see if the trains are not working due to floods (which happens during the rainy season)

TMC Polda Metro Jaya
Traffic Management Center of Jakarta Police always post about the traffic, which sometimes bore me to death. Is there any traffic jam-free roads in Jakarta? But during the rainy season, it also informs the floods, which will cause traffic too.

A website to inform which roads have less traffic, it also helps the lost souls of Jakartans to find passable roads during the big floods.

May you always have a safe journey in Jakarta and stay dry during this rainy season :).

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