Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Between Pahawang And Kelagian Islands

Last weekend, I went on the trip arranged by a friend's friend. There were 15 people joining the trip (including me), none of us ever met before. But we had the best of time. We snorkeled, took photos and joked around as if we had known each other for years. We plan to meet up again this Wednesday to trade the photos.

Updated: Ok, so we had met again to trade the photos. It sure felt weird to see my travel buddies in their working attire. They look so serious and professional here in the city, while when we were on the trip, we just wore casual clothes or swimming suit. Now that I have the photos, I'd write the travel notes here because I want to make good use of this post (and also too lazy to press the 'New Post' button). 

To tell you the truth, I didn't know where Pahawang island was when I first heard that Iget, my friend's friend, planned a trip there. But when I learned that it is just offshore Lampung, I just went for it as I needed a short break before Ramadhan.

We met in Merak port at 1 a.m., hopped on the ferry some 30 minutes later and reached Bakauheni port at around 4:30 a.m. Iget already booked two Suzuki APV cars, so we all got on the cars and left the port. Being a person with motion sickness, I sat on the second row.

We stopped at a mosque and then had nasi uduk for breakfast, which was actually a rare thing to find in Sumatra island. I mean, most food vendors here sell nasi Padang. Although I'm a spice girl at heart, I don't think my stomach would enjoy having nasi Padang as the first meal of the day. 

We picked up two more travel buddies, Okka and Ari, who are from Lampung before we headed to Betung port. Then we boarded small boat to Kelagian island, where we would stay for the night.

All aboard! Courtesy of Sukma Pamungkas

 After around two hours of boat ride, we reached Kelagian island. Courtesy of Sukma Pamungkas
Our humble abode. The boys slept on the left, the girls on the right. Courtesy of Sukma Pamungkas

After we changed into swimming suit, we boarded the boat again to head to Tanjung Putus and Pahawang Kecil. Speaking of the view, Pahawang-Kelagian islands are beautiful, either on surface and underwater.  I'll just let the pictures do the talking :).

Panorama of Kelagian Island

Panorama of Pahawang Kecil

Gosong Pahawang

Colorful fishes swarm around the corals


More clownfishes. Taken by Okka Daryusman using my camera.


  1. Seems i know the person named "Okka Daryusman" wahahhahaaaaaa.................

  2. It's possible. He's quite famous, you know :P