Friday, July 19, 2013

Have A Sweet Weekend

Quiet thoroughfare: A trash picker pulls a cart with his children on it, crossing the quiet Jl. MH Thamrin in Jakarta on Sunday on the first week of Ramadhan. The area around the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle was usually crowded with families and communities enjoying sports activities during Car Free Day. (JP/P.J. Leo, source)

Hello, sweeties!

How was your fasting (if you're fasting that is)? This week I attended several breakfasting events at various venues, from a newly-opened restaurant to a hotel. Despite the delicious foods they served, I just couldn't help wanting to go home and had a simple breakfasting with M&D. So I brought a burger from the new restaurant and we shared it at home.

Then I stumbled upon the photo above and felt a bit guilty for not being grateful.

Anyway, for those of you coming here for the Weekender events, sorry I have yet to find any exciting information on this weekend's events. I will just stay at home and be with my folks. If you know anything, feel free to write the events in the comment box.
Hope you have a great one :).

PS. If you're a Liverpudlian, there is something to do this weekend because the lads are coming to Jakarta for the world tour :). How come I miss this one? Darn.

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