Monday, July 25, 2011

Jalan Surabaya

Want to hold a piece of Jakarta's past? Come to Jalan Surabaya (Surabaya Street). Located in Menteng, the street offers various stuffs, such as artifacts, vinyl records, old cameras and bags. The street consists of several long rows of stalls, separated by a dirty canal.

I've been going to the street several times. But it was during last week's staycation that I got the chance to take photographs of the street. There are so many stuffs you can find on the street. Below are just some of my favorites... 

Welcome to Jalan Surabaya. These are loro blonyo (inseparable couple), Javanese traditional statue symbolizing fertility and harmony

Wayang (puppet)

Batak calendar (left) and Sarung (right)

Hair fascinators

Old coins

All aboard!

Old school diving gear:P

OMG! It's a Hasselblad! *drooling*

Rollei 35

Leicaflex and Exakta

Mamiya, Pentaka and Magazine

A gramophone and a man playing a traditional flute

Dear fans of vinyls and cassettes, if you're lucky, you can find some treasures here

You can also find various bags here, from backpacks to suitcases

A vendor gives some blings to the wooden statue

Even a wooden statue needs a makeover from time to time:)

Last but not least, your beloved blogger:P

Have an energizing Monday!


  1. Love the pictures you've got here, Tifa; they surely give your blog a fresh look (unlike my gloomy secret one :D). Oh, just wonder if you just took all those pictures or did you ask for the shop owners' permission first? I also love taking pics (not of myself, of course) but not confident enough to act like a photographer and take snapshots just like that.

  2. Thanks Wida. I asked permission before taking the photos. I guess I'm not the first person who came there and shot photos. The vendors just smiled and seemed to take it as a normal thing. Just do it Wida, it's fun to act like a tourist in your own city:)