Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bakoel Koffie Cafe in Cikini

While I don't drink coffee regularly, I always like its fragrant eye-opening smell. A recent visit to Bakoel Koffie cafe in Cikini makes me falling in love again, if not with the caffeine then the cafe's design. I'd suggest you to go to the second floor, less crowd there.

A mural about the coffee history

Does the picture look familiar? Why, of course, you've seen it before here.

The coffee prices are reasonable (ahh I forgot how much they cost, but it's somewhere between Rp 25,000/US$2.5 and Rp 30,000). At first I tried Iced Chocolate, but then I tried the Coffee Float. As a caffeine-sensitive person, I feel quite comfortable with the coffee, for it doesn't give me that nauseous feeling like the Starbucks coffees do.

I don't recommend the food. But the beverage is ok. Another plus point: there is wi-fi here.

Coffee Float

Iced chocolate

Cassava and cheese

Spaghetti (on the background) and Nasi Bakar (on the foreground)

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