Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank You!

endsHi guys, I'm back from the holiday. Before I begin posting the photos and the stories, allow me to thank my friends, who had been helping me throughout the holiday. During my 11-day leave, I went to Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Denpasar and Mataram. Here goes the tribute:

Mbak Etta
Thank you for allowing me to crash on your neat room, especially considering it was Easter and you usually went to your hometown. It's been five years since we had our last girl talk, so it's nice to catch up news with you.

I'm having a good time at our campus, going around the city, seeing your businesses (nice restaurant!) and going to your home. Give my regards to your family:)

Mbak Indah
You're just the best host anyone ever have! Thank you very much!   

Pak Yudi, Bu Pipit + Little Rara

Thank you for arranging tickets to Lombok and taking us around Denpasar. Hope Rara is getting better.

Lildhika (right)
I guess one cup of coffee is not enough to pay for your kindness: picking us up at the airport, treating us with Soto Ceker Ayam and lending us your trusty motorbike that witnessed two women balancing a baggage, a backpack and several bundles with success. Many thanks!

Dix (left)
I'm sure that as a person who have been living and working in Bali since 2002 you are very knowledgeable on how to escape the traffic rerouting. Thank you for guiding us through the night and delivering the gift to Rara.

Selong Belanak is a beautiful place and I would be more than happy to spread the word around. Thank you for giving us a place to stay.

Last, but not least...
Aneen, my travel buddy, who managed all travel itinerary, from tickets to local transportation. I really enjoyed taking the holiday with you. I could not have done it alone. Thanks a lot, girl!

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