Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Food

Since my editor is leaving us again this week, serious blogging is almost impossible. To keep you in peace, here are photos of the food I ate during the holiday. Hmm, what can I say, I love food.

Top: Es Degan (Coconut with ice and syrup).
Bottom: Nasi Goreng Ayam (Chicken fried rice).
Location: Warung Nasi Goreng Pak Hadi, Ngesrep, Semarang

#1: Galantine soup
#2: Stoop macaroni
#3: Ayam Goreng A la Kusuma Sari
Location: Kusuma Sari restaurant, Solo

Top: Sop Buntut (Oxtail soup)
Bottom: Sop daging (Beef soup)
Location: a roadside eatery, Denpasar

Nasi Campur (Mixed rice)
Location: Made's Warung, Kuta

#1: Lalapan ikan (Fish with vegetable)
#2: Bebalung (Rib soup)
#3: Lapapan ayam (Chicken with vegetable)
Location: an eatery near Selaparang airport gate, Ampenan

Top: Ayam Bakar Plecing (Roast chicken with plecing spice)
Bottom: Nasi Campur (Mixed rice)
Location: a roadside eatery, Praya

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