Friday, December 28, 2012

The ER Episodes And The "Are You Pregnant?" Question

New Year's noise: A worker arranges New Year trumpets in Denpasar on Thursday. The trumpets, selling for between Rp 2,500 (less than 50 US Cents) and Rp 8,000, will be distributed to several parts of Bali. (JP/Agung Parameswara, found here)

So I didn't come back last Wednesday. Sorry about that. I had the worst stomach cramps on Tuesday noon. I thought it was because I was having my period. But then I started vomiting and every food I ate would go out in a few hours.

By midnight I could feel the acid climbing up the throat. So I woke M&D and asked them to take me to the ER. So off we went. I arrived at the ER with a bag of vomit and the first question the doctor asked was,"Is it possible that you are pregnant?"

I would love to say yes, doc, but I am a woman raised in Eastern mores (In Indonesia, it is still not common to see a single pregnant mother.-The Editor, which means me, of course), so the answer is no. The doctor is kinda cute, by the way. But I digress. Moving on...

The nurse gave me IV and injected the anti-vomit medicine. They also took blood samples and came back quickly to say that the leukocyte, thrombocyte and electrolyte levels were still normal. So M sped up the IV drip and we left the ER a few hours later.

I was still not sure what illness attacked me that day, but it could be maag (gastric pains). So all spicy and sour food are off my menu for the time being *looking at sambal ikan roa in the fridge longingly*.

When I fell off the stairs several weeks ago, I also went to the ER to get my feet X-rayed. Then the doctor asked,"Are you pregnant? Because if you do, we need to cover your belly."

Hmm, this question has started to get on my nerves. Didn't they check on my marital status? It definitely says "single". Or perhaps I have this free-spirited attitude? Or even worse, perhaps this is a sign for me to do the crunches?  

On a lighter note, I'm feeling much better today. Both my feet and my stomach are in good condition. Alhamdulillah. 

Have a safe and healthy weekend, people :).


  1. Tifaaaa, syukurlah kalo dah sehatan....
    (jadi inget) cerita dari Riza soal pengalamannya periksa ke RS gara2 haidnya keluar berupa gumpalan. Pertanyaan yang sama di lontarkan oleh dokternya.
    Pertanyaan yang aneh. Apalagi dokternya kan bisa meriksa dulu, gimana kalo ortu kita langsung curiga dengan pertanyaan si dokter? ato ada tetangga yang denger (**ala sinetron)????? hihi...

    err, apa perut buncit di artikan 'ada isinya' juga?????


  2. hahahaa... uupps ga boleh ketawa ya... (mksdnya ketawa gara2 disangka hamli, tif hehe). - rosebutton-

  3. -- ai, mungkin pertanyaan ini muncul karena faktor u (usia). asumsinya kan cewek seusia kita udah nikah, jadi kalau ke RS lgsg ditodong dgn pertanyaan ini. waktu itu pengen jawab,"gak hamil sih dok, kenapa? pengen hamilin saya?" (pak dokternya imut soalnya. teteup ya usahaaaa:P) tapi apa daya gue lg dlm kondisi muntah2 gak jelas, tak sanggup menjawab tuduhan itu.

    -- dian, skrg pas udah sehat gue geli aja inget pertanyaan itu. kl liat grey's anatomy kan dokternya selalu baca data pasien (nama, umur, keluhan) sblm melakukan anamnesa (tanya-jawab dg pasien) dan diagnosa. kenapa dokter kita gak bisa kayak di grey's anatomy siy? :P