Thursday, December 13, 2012

Know Your Thobe. Ahem:).

As fashion develops, there is a change in how we dress up. Toga, robe and tunic used to be a man's staple outfits. Nowadays most men wear trousers, which I find as a nuisance. I think there is something sexy about men in robes (is it just me?). 

The good thing is there are men who still wear the skirt-like/robe-like garment, such as the Scots who wear kilts (knee-length garment) on formal occasion and Highland sport event. And of course, men in Gulf countries wear thobes (ankle-length garment).

Happy Arab men in thobes. From here

I thought all Arab men wear the same type of thobe, but the following illustration tells how to recognize the nationality of an Arab man through the thobe. Here's the men's version.

Found here

But wait, there's the women's version too!

From here

Do you have any favorite thobe from those enlisted above? From the men's version, I like the Saudi and Kuwaiti thobes, while from the women's version, I like the Palestinian and Turkish thobes.


  1. hahaha OMG.unlike you, I can't stand seeing a guy in a robe. I'm having a crush on a nice Jordanian guy, and he asked me out on a date (scheduled for around next week). But when I saw his pics on robes (or thobes???) I didn't find him attractive anymore LOL... OMG, I should stop seeing guys from their appearance/wardrobe!! - rosebutton-

  2. omg, told him to wear thobes for the first date! the thobe would look great in real life than in photos. i think, men in thobes/kilt exude the confidence that they still look manly even with the uncommon outfit. btw, does this jordanian man have green eyes? :)

  3. Insha allah in dis. Eid i will wear the kuwaiti thobe
    Disz my first time i wear thobe and im so excited
    And so nervous how i looked in this dress