Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Super Slow Me

My feet have been recovering quite fast, considering that I didn't take any foot massage and that I went to work two days after the incident. I couldn't walk without leaning on a wheeled chair on Day 1 (I felt like a baby holding onto a baby walker) and the next day I could walk by leaning on the wall. 

Last Wednesday, I decided to go to work because I got bored just staying at home. Besides, I could walk on my own, albeit in a slow motion mode. To be able to reach the office was a real milestone.

My left ankle is still a bit swollen so I've been walking very slowly with a limp. The pace has been improving from day to day. But for someone who is used to walking quickly, having to walk slowly is really a test of patience.

Below are some funny conversation I had with my colleagues, regarding the slow walking.

#1. Energy-Saving Mode
Daim: Hey, what happened to your feet?
Me: I fell from the stairs.
Daim: Look at the bright side, now you can go into an energy-saving mode. You can even gain more weight.
Me: -_-

#2. Full Steam Ahead!
Fith: Where do you keep the XXX file?
Me: It's there in your XXX folder.
Fith: Could you come over here and show it?
Me: Ok.
Five minutes later...(FYI, my cubicle and Fith's are facing each other, so in a normal walking speed, I'd be there in less than one minute)
Fith: (glancing over her shoulders) Are you here yet?
Me: I'm coming, I'm coming. I'm going full steam ahead!

#3. Slow Motion
Fem: I'm going out to buy lunch. Do you want to buy something?
Me: Let's go out together. I need to go to the ATM.
Fem: Ok, I need to go to toilet first.
Me: Perhaps I should leave now. With my current speed, you can still find me before the front door even if you're going to the toilet now.
Fem: I feel like I'm going with a grandma
Me: -_-

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