Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Women's Day, Not Mother's Day

Hello my lovelies!

How was your week? It was quite a slow one on my side, but I didn't post because I wanted to prepare for the so-called Mayan doomsday...Not. I just didn't have much to say I guess :).

Anyway, tomorrow is Dec. 22, which Indonesians call as Hari Ibu. In Bahasa Indonesia, hari means day and ibu means mother. So naturally you would call it Mother's Day, wouldn't you? Wrong. Check back with History, please. 

Indonesian women activist in 1928. Taken from here. On a lighter note, kebaya and sunglasses look great together :)

During the first Indonesian Women Congress. From here

On Dec. 22-25, 1928, Indonesian women activists held the first Indonesian Women Congress in Dalem Jayadipuran building in Yogyakarta. The congress was attended by 30 women organizations in Java and Sumatera and discussed many important issues, such as the involvement of women in independence movement and nation building, women and children trafficking as well as nutrition and health improvement for women. Hmm, those issues are still relevant until today.

President Soekarno and members of Indonesian Women Congress (Kowani) in this 1950 file photo. Collection of Tropenmuseum. Found here.

President Soekarno declared Dec. 22 as Hari Ibu in 1959 by issuing a decree (Dekrit Presiden No. 316/1959). As I mentioned here that in Indonesia, Ibu is a name title we use to call woman we respect/of high position, like mother or supervisor.

So the most appropriate translation for Hari Ibu is Women's Day, not Mother's Day.

Hari Ibu was initially celebrated to commemorate the spirit of Indonesian women in building the nation. Unfortunately, the message of Women's Day is lost in the passage of time and nowadays, people think it is Mother's Day. 

Now that you know the meaning of Dec. 22 for Indonesian women, you can do other things to celebrate the day.

Have a feminist weekend, girls! :)

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