Monday, December 3, 2012

Indonesian Tea Diegesis

Hello my darlings! How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one. 

Last Sunday I went to another Underground Secret Dining event. This time it's about tea, to be precise the Indonesian tea.

The event took place at Dapur Solo restaurant on Jl. Panglima Polim I. There were 25 participants. We had lunch and could choose one dish out of five options. I chose Nasi Langgi and a new friend whom I shared table with had Nasi Pecel.

Nasi Langgi at Dapur Solo

Nasi Pecel

After lunch, we moved to the terrace, where a group of tables and chairs had waited with the souvenirs: a framed tea package and the samples of the tea. Since not everyone came, I peeked into each souvenir bag and picked Kepala Djenggot tea package souvenir. Kepala Djenggot means the bearded head, and since D has grown his beard I think he would love it:).

The souvenirs

   A tea addict photographs the tea samples

Preparing the tea

As we sat and had our cup of tea, Pak Bambang from Kedai Teh Laresolo (Laresolo tea shop) explained about the tea tradition, especially in Java island. He advised us to put the sugar rock into the cup before pouring in the tea, let it sit for a while and told us not to stir the tea.

"If the sugar has melted, you can drink the tea slowly. At first it will taste bitter, but when you reach the bottom of the tea cup you can taste the sugar. That's the life philosophy: the sweet result will come after the hard work," he said.

Then we had tuber-based snacks to accompany the tea. Ibu Ambar who is very passionate to develop cuisines and cakes from tubers came to the event and explained the good side of consuming tuber-based food.  


Cassava rainbow cake, it's 100 percent natural colors 

 Everything is made from the tubers

After enjoying the snack, we had the second round of tea tasting (yes, it's a very long event, but very fun, indeed). With Oza from Oza Premium Tea, we tried 16 samples of Indonesia's premium tea.

I found a few favorites from the tea tasting, but since I didn't plan to shop I only brought a few rupiahs. So no tea shopping (boohoo). Oh well, I already had so much for the day.


  1. It's too bad you can't bring home some of your favorite teas, should have told the participants earlier.

  2. Hi Oza, thanks for visiting. The other tea addicts, but me, seemed very prepared for the tea shopping at the end of the event. Oh well, this means you need to organize another tea diegesis :)