Monday, April 10, 2017

All Hells Broke Loose When M&D Have New Mobilephone

I have a friend who always ask how my folks are doing, another who always laughs to hear their day-to-day bantering and some other who like hearing their latest update. It's either M&D are ghetto fabulous-local rockstars or I'm getting too good at telling stories. But here they are, the latest episode on M&D getting a new mobilephone...

And Whose Mobile Is That?
Situation: both M&D have their own phones. M's mobile number has been around since 1999, and it's already known in the circles of families and friends. But only D has the Android smartphone. To make everything simple, I installed Whatsapp in D's mobilephone but typed in M's mobile number in the apps.
M: (busy reading Whatsapp messages from her highschool, junior high school and elementary groups, ignoring me and D)
D: I will sell that phone.
M: Oh come on, you'd use my mobile to send SMS to your friends, and now I can't borrow yours?
Me: OK, calm down, kids. I need to take a sleep.

Something Is Wrong With The Phone #1
Situation: breakfast time has become a time when they come and consult me about their new phone. This was just one of those moments...
M: Something is wrong with the phone
Me: Let me have a look (Trying to unlock the screen, then realized that the phone's screen is black). It is still off or what?
M: That is the problem. We try to set it on, but to no avail
Me: Have you charged it?
M: We have.
Me: Oh look, it's charging!
M: Or perhaps we thought we have...

Something Is Wrong With The Phone #2
Situation: I arrived home at around 10 p.m., was in the middle of locking the front gate when M opened the door and said...
M: Something happened!
Me: Is it emergency? (I was thinking that I had to run to the nearest ER to deliver D)
M: Not really. Why don't you finish locking the gate and come in.
Me: OK, what happened?
M: So here's the story. D bought credit for the phone, and then he told me to check on Whatsapp, and then the credit slumped to almost zero.
Me: That's weird. I've turned off the data on the phone setting.
M: Hmm...about that...I think D asked the guy from the phone counter to set it to on.
Me: Oh OK. I set it to off for a reason, you know. So have you learned your lessons?
M: Yes...but can we get back the credit?
Me: Of course not.
(Note from the editor-who is me, of course-: I gave them a wifi gadget and told them to check their Whatsapp messages or do browsing before 8 a.m/before I leave for work. Am I not a strict parent or what?)

Something Is Wrong With The Phone #3
Situation: everytime the phone emits a sound (a notification), here's what M would say..
M: What is it? (panic)
Me: Just a notification. Perhaps it's a Whatsapp message.
M: That's not it. What is it?
Me: (Since the question would pop up almost everytime, I have three types of answers, depending on how tired I am at the moment) (a) I don't know, M. I don't have the answer to everything, (b) Chill, M. It's just a mobilephone. If it's broken, we can buy a new one, (c) Let me have a look.

What Is Facebook?
Situation: M's highschool friend asked M if she had a Facebook account...
M: What is Facebook?
Me: Oh it's nothing important, you don't need that.
M: But my friend told me to create an account there.
Me: How many of your friends have Facebook account?
M: Well...
Me: I think Whatsapp is good enough for both of you at the moment. More apps means more memory used. The apps slows down the phone and it will cost more data to access (OMG, did I just sound like M when she told the 5-year-old me that I couldn't eat more chocolate bars?).

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