Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Low Light Photos With Pentax K-x

Last week, my colleague Can approached me to tell that he just bought a Sony DSLR. As he further elaborated on his new camera specification, he then asked me what my camera  could do.

"Can it take good photo in low light situation?"
"Is it light enough to be carried on a daily basis?"
"How many mega pixel is your camera?"

You know, the comparing questions. And I thought we're past high school, where peer pressure existed.

I've long decided to stay away from the camera question, that's why I didn't buy Nikon or Canon (two big camera brands here). I just want to have fun with my camera. If the camera is available in red, then it's a bonus:).

One thing I've learned in the three years with Pentax is every camera comes with its plus and minus. As a photographer (or aspiring phographer wannabe), you have to find which setting works best with you, play around with the camera to get yourself used to it and just have fun.

After all, it's not the camera that makes a photographer.

Responding to his first question, here are several photos I've taken in low light condition with Pentax. They're not the best photos as I'm just an amateur. But these prove that any DSLR, either a Sony or a Pentax, can take photos in low light condition.

Taken in the toilet at Qi Lounge during an event my office held last year. The dress code was Rock and Glam, but I didn't have time to dress up. 

Taken in Karimun Jawa islands last year

During the concert of Tim Knol and band in Erasmus Huis. I had a crush on the guitarist (far right) but too shy to approach him :P.

Have any photos taken in a low light condition? Do share please:)

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