Monday, May 10, 2010

Home-Like Sensation At The Apartment

I got the invitation to review The Apartment last year. I thought the restaurant is interesting enough, so I just want to share. Located in Menara Gracia, Kuningan, the restaurant has a unique ambiance as each dining room is designed like a room in an apartment (hence, the restaurant's name).

Guests can dine in one of the rooms, from the semi private spaces, such as library, living room, and pantry, to the private spaces, such as bedroom (with a bed!) and bathroom (yep, there is a bathtub). For the outdoor spaces, there are terrace and jacuzzi (without the water, of course). What's even cuter, the waiter's uniform is pajamas!
 The library room
 The bathroom

 Pantry (sorry, can't help to pose there, the pantry is just so cute!)

The bedroom. I'm holding the menu, which resembles a newspaper. How cool is that!
I went there before December, and the menu had Christmas-y feel. The general feel of the menu is Western food. The restaurant changes some of their menu every one-two or even three months, so you will always experience something new every time you go there. 
Berry Christmas
 Lobster Cappuccino. Well, it's actually crab bisque, but the foam sure gives it the cappuccino look:)

Gracia Tower Lasagna, one of the must-try menus. I think this one is a regular menu.
(Note: the first three photos and the last one is courtesy of The Apartment.)

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