Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chili-ed Ribs Served On Train-like Restaurants

Iga penyet (Ribs crushed with chili)

My colleague Fith and I were very curious about the Trick Art exhibition, which will last until Feb. 3, in Grand Indonesia. But when we arrived at the exhibition ground, we saw that the entrance ticket was expensive (Rp 75,000 for >23 year old on the weekend and it's a bit cheaper on the work days). 

Both of us decided to come again on work days and spent the money to eat (hahaha!), so we looked around and saw a cute restaurant with train-like interior Warung Leko, which specializes iga penyet (ribs crushed with chili).

Iga cabe ijo (green chili-ed ribs)

Teh tarik cincau and my colleague Fith

We're on our way to Brooklyn!

The ribs are very tasty and spicy. The rice portion was small, so we ordered another portion and divided it. We may be petite but we eat like a horse :D. Another minus point is the lack of wi-fi (Why Warung Leko? Why?).

It's always nice to try out restaurants:).

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