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Ochi Chornye And Panon Hideung

Panon Hideung (Dark Eyes) is a song in Sundanese language, arranged by Indonesian composer Ismail Marzuki for his wife Eulis Zuraidah, a Sundanese woman. 

Panon Hideung is an adaptation of Ochi Chornye (Dark Eyes), a Russian song. The lyrics were written by Ukrainian poet and writer Yevhen Hrebinka. The poem was first published in Literaturnaya gazeta on Jan. 17, 1843. Then the words and music were written by Ukrainian poet Evheniy Grebenka and composer Florian German.

How did Ismail Marzuki get in touch with a Russian song? I've been googling down and still haven't come up with the most accurate answer. One thing for sure, the relationship between Russia and Indonesia started even before our independence in 1945. 

The relationship even went deeper than G to G (government to government), it's P to P (people to people). Indonesia's first Minister of Social and Labor Iwa Kusuma Sumantri married a Russian woman Anna Ivanova when he was assigned to Russia in 1925 by a social organization Perhimpunan Indonesia (Indonesian Organization) in the Netherlands. The organization was previously called as Indische Vereeniging. Unfortunately, when Iwa Kusuma had to go back to Indonesia in 1927, he had to leave his wife and daughter because Russia did not allow its citizens to go abroad without a strong reason.

But I digress. Back to the song. 

Both songs tell about falling in love to a person with dark eyes. In Ukraine, where many people have blue or green eyes, people with dark eyes must be a rare kind and perceived as exotic.  

If you sing this song in Indonesia, you can use it to woo all Indonesian women because we all have dark eyes, to be precise dark brown, although I know some Indonesians who have hazel eyes:). I put the lyrics side by side below just for a comparison.

Ochi Chornye (Hrebinka)
English Translation
Panon Hideung
English Translation
Ochi chornyye, ochi strastnyye,
Ochi zhguchiye i prekrasnyye,
Kak lyublyu ya vas, kak boyus' ya vas,
Znat' uvidel vas ya v nedobryi chas,
Okh nedarom vy glubiny temnei
Vizhu traur v vas po dushe moyei
Vizhu plamya v vas ya pobednoye
Sozhzheno na nyom serdtse bednoye
No ne grusten ya, ne pechalen ya
Uteshitel'na mne sud'ba moya
Vsyo chto luchshevo v zhizni Bog dal nam
V zhertvu otdal ya ognevym glazam!

Dark and burning eyes, Dark as midnight skies
Full of passion flame, full of lovely game
I'm in love with you, I'm afraid of you.
Days when I met you made me sad and blue.
Oh, not for nothing are you darker than the deep!
I see mourning for my soul in you,
I see a triumphant flame in you:
A poor heart immolated in it.
But I am not sad, I am not sorrowful,
My fate is soothing to me:
All that is best in life that God gave us,
In sacrifice I returned to the fiery eyes!
Panon hideung,
pipi koneng,
Irung mancung,
putri Bandung,
Putri saha,
di mana bumina,
Abdi reuseup ka anjeunna,
Siang wengi,
ka impi-impi,
Hate abdi sara sedih,
Teu emut dahar,
teu emut nginum,
Emut kanu geulis panon hideung
Dark eyes,
Fair cheeks,
Aquiline nose,
A Bandung princess,
Whose daughter is she?
Where does she live?
I have a feeling for her,
It’s broad daylight,
I dream about her,
My heart is sad,
I don’t want to eat,
I don’t want to drink,
I just want the pretty girl with the dark eyes

Here are the songs.
A jazzy version of Ochi Chornye by Sophie Milman:

And Panon Hideung by Mus DS. As you can see, Eulis Zuraidah, the inspiration behind the song, is a beautiful woman with dark eyes:)

P.S. The post is compiled from various sources. If you find any mistake with the lyrics translation, let me know on the comment box and I'll make a correction. Although I know a bit of Cyrillic, I don't speak Russian and only know simple Sundanese words :)

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