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5cm - An Indonesian Movie

Indonesia | 2012 | 126 minutes | Director: Rizal Mantovani | Cast: Herjunot Ali, Fedi Nuril, Denny Sumargo, Raline Shah, Igor Saykoji

This movie is an adaptation from a book of the same title. I haven't read the book, which is probably a blessing in disguise because many Goodreads people review it as a boring book, and so I came to the cinema thinking that the movie is about Mt. Semeru.
Why did I think of that? Because of this...

The film poster is a bit misleading because 
(1) according to the film, you can't bring backpack to the summit because you need to have a good balance, and carrying a backpack is definitely not advised;
(2) there is no climbing rope in the film

Anyway, back to 5cm. What is 5cm about? Why 5cm? Why not 25cm?

It's titled 5cm because Donny Dhirgantoro, the book's author, wants everyone to hang our dreams five centimeters in front of our forehead. So we will always read the dreams and strive to achieve them.

The movie tells the friendship of five people: the leader Genta (played by Fedi Nuril), the poet Zafran (Herjunot Ali), the jock Arial (Denny Sumargo), the big guy Ian (Igor Saykoji) and the pretty Riani (Raline Shah). 

They have been friends for seven years and spend each weekend together. Most of the time, they hang out at Arial's place, eating singkong keju (cassava with cheese) while Zafran tries making a move on Arial's little sister Arinda (Pevita Pearce). Just like Zafran who keeps his love for Arinda inside of him, Genta also has a feeling for Riani.

One day, they decide to take a three-month break from each other and finish their own dreams and projects. For example, Ian works hard to graduate (he's the last among five who is still in the uni), while Arial shed his shyness and brave himself to ask a girl on a date.


After three months, they meet at Pasar Senen train station and hop on a train as Genta takes them to a Destination Unknown. Arial brings his little sister Arinda on the journey.
It turns out to be a trip to Mahameru summit of Mt. Semeru. At 3,676 meters above the sea level, Mt. Semeru is the highest peak in Java.

Several movie trivia:
(1) The director, Rizal Mantovani hiked Mt. Semeru four times in one year for the film. The first trip was to do small survey, the second was with a bigger team, then the shooting and last, getting more shot stocks.
(2) The crew spent 17 days to shoot on Mt. Semeru.
(3) All the actors were put under health insurance
(4) Actor and basketball athlete Denny Sumargo does push-up everyday in front of the tent during the shooting on Mt. Semeru (according to Pevita Peace's tweets)

It is a difficult trip for everyone in the group. After all, it is an active volcano. But each people learn something from the hike. So what about the relationship between them? Will Genta be able to express his feelings to Riani? Will Zafran and Arinda be a couple? Will I get married by the end of the year? #ehh? #galaupangkatlima

Apart from depicting the relationship between the five people, the film does a good work at portraying the beauty of Mt. Semeru. The views are majestically breathtaking. Expect to see green peaks, yellowish savanna, blue lakes and cloud-like fog that wraps the mountain.

Mt. Semeru is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. I've been to Mt. Bromo, but never been to Mt. Semeu (I am aware of my own limits). So watching the film gives the Mt. Semeru virgins like me on how to reach the summit.

While the film has a standard theme, mediocre acting and sometimes over-dramatized dialogs, it sure reminds me that Indonesia is a beautiful country.

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