Thursday, January 10, 2013

Playing Tangram

I cleaned up my room and threw away things I didn't use when I found this tangram. I've forgotten that I had it! Have you ever played tangram?

Tangram is a kind of geometric puzzle, usually consisting of seven flat pieces (but mine has eight pieces). It was originally invented in China, and then trading ships from Europe carried it to the blue continent in the 19 century.

The purpose of the game is to form a shape/figure made from all the pieces.

Numero uno!

Then I decided to make Little Red Riding Hood story with tangram. Here are my interpretation of the European fairy tale:).

Once upon a time there is a girl called Little Red Riding Hood, who delivers food for her sick grandmother.

She has to walk through woods, peaks and trough to reach her grandmother's house

A big bad wolf approaches the girl and advises her to pick flowers for the grandmother.

So she picks some flowers.

In the meantime, the wolf goes to the grandmother.

And the wolf swallows her whole. He waits for the girl to come and swallows her up too. Then he falls asleep.

A lumberjack hears the screaming and comes to the rescue (In case you can't see it, I mean to make a man on a horse).

He runs into the house

And cuts open the wolf to save grandmother and the girl

And then the lumberjack, the grandmother and the girl all have afternoon tea in the house. The end:).

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