Monday, June 3, 2013

Just Another Reunion Event

Last Friday, I went to a small reunion gathering with former colleagues of the first media I worked at. The newspapers in question was re-launched in 2004 (it was an old time newspapers that was given a new life, I don't think I need to mention the name here) and then had to be closed down again in June 2005.

Many of us has worked in other media, while some have moved on to work in other fields, such as university lecturers, insurance company employees or lawyers. We have been having this kind of reunion since three years ago, thanks to one of the successful colleagues who is willing to pay the bill :).

After all these years, we still like to joke around and tease each others just like the old times. Here are several snippets from the event:

#1. Just to Make Sure, part 1
Situation: on the way to the meeting point (a restaurant on Jl. Sabang).
Len:  Tif, this event is a treat from Pak Agung, right?
Tif: Well, he's the main sponsor of the last two reunions. And you know that there would never be a gathering without a sponsor.
Len: Oh that's true.

#2. Just To Make Sure, part 2
Situation: The men had yet to order any food when we (read: the women) arrived
Mcd: Why haven't you guys order something?
Iam: Oh, we're waiting for Mat to come first. It's on him, right?
Mcd:  Nothing changes, really
#3. Health Matters
Situation: a waiter approached our table
Waiter: Are you ready to order?
Drb: Yes, I'd like to have one starfruit juice, please.
Tif: Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol level? (They say starfruit juice is good for those ailments. -Ed)
Drb: Errr, not really. I just want to take care of my health in general.
Tif: Hmm, okay. I'd like one strawberry smoothies.
Waiter: And for the dish?
Drb: Grilled squid
Tif: *face to palm, forehead to table*

#4. The Kids Are Alright (What About Us?)
Situation: I was talking to Drb about his family, Tem and Mcd were sitting nearby
Tif: How is Badai (his son, the name means Rainstorm, because he was born during a rainstorm) doing?
Drb: Oh he's good, I'm about to be a father-in-law soon.
Tem: Oh no, what about us? We haven't even married yet!
Tif, Drb and Mcd: -_-

I'm so glad I worked with these funny people for every reunion meeting always brings smiles to my face :).

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