Monday, June 17, 2013

Fragments Of Djarum Indonesia Open 2013

We bought the tickets via and traded the e-mail confirmation with the real tickets at Istora Senayan badminton stadium.

The ticket price was Rp 75,000 for a seat on the second class for the semifinal, and we got to watch 10 matches. We chose to watch the semifinal as it had more matches than the final, hohoho.

Outside the entrance

Men's Single semifinal: Indonesian shuttler Tommy Sugiarto vs Marc Zwiebler of Germany.

As I said last week, I watched the semifinal of Djarum Indonesia Open. I brought Merah to the stadium and was quite impressed with the result despite using only the kit lens and sitting on the second class row. I'm sure the photos would come out better had I used the telephoto lens and bought the VIP tickets :P.

Badminton has become a part of Indonesian culture. You can go to the small villages and see Indonesians, from kids to the seniors or from elementary students to professors, playing this sport. It's the people's game and the best part of watching a live game is we can make loud noises to support the players, unlike tennis that should be watched quietly.   

Women's Single semifinal: German shuttler Juliane Schenk vs. Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal

This Women's Single was probably the most dramatic match that day. On the first game, world no. 2 Nehwal was behind Schenk with 4-11, but then she managed to catch up and even beat Schenk with 21-12. However, the German did not give up easily and won the next two games with 21-13 and 21-14.

That's what I call the champion's spirit. The audience could feel Schenk's spirit too, so they yelled her name to support her. 

All Korean semifinal for Men's Double: Lee Yong-dae/Ko Sung Hyun vs Shin Baek Choel/Yoo Yeon Seong

All matches featuring Indonesian shuttlers were scheduled earlier on the afternoon. But we stayed until the end because we wanted to watch Korean shuttler Lee Yong-dae (said the fangirl). We're not the only one. Many female spectators already yelled his name during the Women's Single match between Chinese Li Xierui and Chinese Hongkong Yip Pui Yin.

Several years ago in this competition, Lee Yong-dae played for Men's Double and Mixed Double on the same day and there was no match in between them. So while waiting for the next match, he should be getting massage and other health booster treatment, shouldn't he? Wrong. He pulled out a DSLR camera and shot the audience with it. What kind of ginseng does he eat?

He was not famous yet back then. But there is one thing about Indonesian spectators he didn't know: we remember good athlete and appreciate good match. If the athlete does some antics, then we'll remember him/her even more. 

I think Lee Yong-dae was a bit shy with the Indonesian fans. He did not dare to face the audience and only showed us his back *gives a back hug* During the match, a man yelled,"Lee Yong-dae, saranghae!" Hahaha, that was even more awkward. If a woman yelled those words, he could have yelled back,"Nado!" #eaa.

Anyway, how was your weekend?

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