Monday, June 10, 2013

My Latest K-Drama Addiction

Have you ever experienced some kind of addiction that leave you with bleary eyes and zombie-like state? Mine is the K-drama DVD marathon event I held every weekend.

Once I watch the first episode, there's no stopping it until I go through all the episodes. The good thing is most K-dramas are between 16 and 26 episodes. If they ramble for hundreds of episodes like Indonesian soap operas, I don't think I could survive for long.

I get the K-drama DVD supplies from Cousin Dina, who also gets them from her friend. Since one K-drama can be quite long (between 16 and 24 episodes), strong sisterhood is needed to ensure the K-drama supply continues while the bank account has the healthy balance at the end of t the month. K-drama fans unite!

Here are three K-dramas that I've been and am currently watching at the moment:

-- 49 Days
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This 2011 K-drama by SBS tells about the gullible Shin Ji-hyun (Nam Gyu-ri) who experiences a car accident a week before her wedding to Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo-bin). When she regains consciousness, she sees her body being wheeled into the hospital and she can not enter her own body. 

She makes a deal with Scheduler aka Reaper (Jung Il-woo) to undergo a 49-day period to collect three drops of genuine tears from people who do not have blood relation to her. She innocently said,"How hard is it to collect three tears? Kang Min Ho will definitely cry for me and so do Shin In Jung (Seo Ji-hye) and Park Seo Woo (Bae Geu Rin)." 

Little did she know that the 49 days will show that her life is not perfect and that it is difficult to find people who truly love her. One thing for sure, have your tissue at hand because this is one drama that will make the waterworks going. Also, be ready for the unexpected ending.

My favorite character in this K-drama is the Scheduler. Jung Il-woo is not that handsome (this is just my opinion, peace out for all JIW fans out there), but he has that cool attitude for a Scheduler who rides racing motorcycles, plays angst-loaded songs on his guitar and wear Beats by Dr. Dre headphones:).

While this fantasy-soul theme is not my cup of tea, this K-drama gets me wondering if there are three people apart from my parents and extended families out there who will cry genuine tears if I die one day. Have I made myself useful for others that they will feel a great loss after my passing? Hmm, I must be getting old that I think too much about this drama :P.

-- I Do, I Do
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The 2012 drama plot goes like this: successful shoe designer Hwang Ji-an (Kim Sun-ah), who is in her late 30s, has to re-set her priorities when she accidentally gets knocked up by 20-something Park Tae-kang (Lee Jang-woo).

While she tries to cope with her situation, she must deal with the fact that she can't marry Jo Eun Sung (Park Gun Hyung), the guy that her parents set up to meet on a blind date (also the first guy she ever likes) and face the opposition from rival Yeom Na-ri (Im Soo Hyang) who wants to overthrow her.

I've watched My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, also starred by Kim Sun-ah, so I know that the actress will give great acting. She manages to portray the level-headed Ji-an, while Lee Jang-woo is cute to play the spontaneous guy. Oh well, I may be a bit bias here for I always have a soft spot for drama that applies the younger guy-older girl formula :).

-- Faith (The Great Doctor)
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This 2012 drama mixes history-fantasy-medical into one. It's about 29-year-old Choi Young (Lee Min-ho), the king's bodyguard, who goes through the Heaven's Door to find the Great Doctor Eui Seon/Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) to cure the queen. The door is actually a time portal that connects the Goryeo period and the modern day Korea.

I'm currently on episode 19 of 24 and am still not really sure if I like it. The Korean history is already interesting, why would they add time-traveling issue into it? Anyway, I watch sageuk (Korean historical drama) because I like the costumes :). I'm not a fan of Lee Min-ho, but with the long hair, the sword and the robe (be still my heart), he looks much better.

What's your current addiction? Do you have any favorite K-drama that you follow at the moment? May I borrow them? :)

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