Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That Primal Protective Paternal Feeling

Wouldn't this be perfect for a Father's Day gift? :P Source

I read this article in ANN and D came to mind:). Just like mothers would feel that an ordinary woman would never be enough for their sons, I'm sure fathers feel the same way about men dating their daughters. The article may be about teenagers, but those are pretty much applicable for adults as well. Read it and let me know what you think:).

Meanwhile, here are several conversations I've had with D about other men :P.

#1. Safety Driving Tips For A Future Father-In-Law
Situation: when I was a little kid, we would go to Kebumen, M's hometown, to celebrate Idul Fitri. We were on the road in our humble family car when D started to speed up and did some manoeuvrings.
M: Don't drive too fast!
D: We need to arrive in Kebumen soon, right?
M: The driver in that car we passed just now could have been our future in-laws. What if they cancel our daughters' marriage once they saw that you're the driver who drive recklessly?
D: (resumed to driving slowly)

#2. Go Fast And Furious Or Go Home 
Situation: D was speeding up again, this time I was in my twenties.
M: Don't drive too fast!
Me: Yes, D. They could be our future in-laws (trying to look serious).
D: Well, if they want to be part of my family, they should know how to drive fast.

#3. One Of The Requirements To Be D's Son-In-Law (Seriously)
Situation: I was driving because D was not fit to drive.
D: I wish I have I son-in-law who can drive me around.
Me: Are you looking for a son-in-law or a driver? Am I not a good driver for you?
D: You are too slow
(In my defense, I drive slowly when M&D are in the car with me. If the passengers are my friends, then you'd better buckle up the seat belt for some serious driving :P).

Speaking of fast cars, have you watched Fast and Furious 6? If you like cars, cliche Hollywood ending and are in the mood of light movies, you may enjoy the latest series. Indonesian actor and former judo athlete Joe Taslim also plays in the movie. Although he is playing as Jah, one of the bad guys, he gets many close up scenes, has several minutes of fighting scene with Han (Sung Kang) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and even says one line in Bahasa Indonesia.

Have a safe drive, my friends!

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