Friday, May 3, 2013

Back To Kuala Lumpur

We flew back to KL on April 20 with basically no plan. After all, the only reason KL was in my trip itinerary because I wanted to visit my friend Tika. Fortunately, Tika had arranged a small city tour for us. So when our bus from LCCT reached KL Sentral, we were taken to the palaces.

But first, we had lunch at Wondermama Restaurant at Bangsar Village.

From left to right: 3-Layer Bandung (I forgot what it's made of), flower arrangement for our table and Asam Boi (tamarind and lemon with 7-Up)

I forgot the name of this dish

And also this dish

Chicken pongteh

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Nasi Lemak 4.0

Dessert is fried banana with ice cream and marshmallow

Enough with the food porn. Let's continue to the palaces. There are two palaces in KL. The new one, Istana Negara (State Palace), and the old one, Istana Negara Lama.

We couldn't come close to the palace so we only took photos from the gate and then flirted with the palace guard. I think the guard is afraid of us :)

Afterwards, we went to Istana Lama, where the guard was more than happy to take picture with us :P

From Istana Lama, we returned to Tika and Budi's home to take a rest before we delivered Aneen to KL Sentral as her flight was scheduled to leave 15minutes before 11 p.m.

This kid was so excited to see the dark tunnel along the LRT track

From KL Sentral, we made a stop at Petronas twin tower to take the night photo

It is also entertaining to see how people try to beat their camera's limitation in order to take good photos :D
I managed to contact my yoga friend Ririn, who also relocated to KL two years ago. We agreed to meet in the morning on April 21, just several hours before my departure. We had breakfast at Village Par restaurant, the same eatery I went to on my first day in KL, because her house is just a couple of blocks away. Hahaha, if I knew it on the first place, I would have asked her to join me then.

I shall soon come back to KL and visit you two, girls!

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