Friday, November 2, 2012

Something Sweet To Close This Week

Yoshimi, 10-year-old female giraffe, looks after her male calf Pemuda at Taman Safari II zoo in Pasuruan, East Java, on Monday. Pemuda, born one day after the commemoration of Youth Pledge Day, is the fourth offspring of Yoshimi and 9-year-old male Dhavi. (JP/Indra Harsaputra, Source)

If you've been reading this blogs for a while, you can probably tell by now that an animal giving birth in the zoo would make it here. But seriously, isn't the baby giraffe so adorable?

I haven't found any interesting events for this weekend, so it's all up to you. I'm going to a wedding party with M and then spend the weekend at home. Have a sweet weekend, y'all!

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