Monday, November 19, 2012

Pieces Of My Weekend

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? As last Thursday was the Islamic New Year 1434 H and also a national holiday here, many offices set Friday as the communal holiday, making it a very long weekend. While my office was not one of those offices (I worked last Friday, hmph!), I had quite a fun weekend. 

So what did I do last weekend?  Well, after doing the weekly laundry on Saturday, I went to the Tulip Bazaar I mentioned in last Friday's post. I thought it was a place that sold tulips, boy how wrong I was. It's actually a bazaar that sells many Dutch knick-knacks.

Items that fall under the Dutch knick-knack definition are, among others, mini windmill-shaped ceramics and Dutch clog-shaped ceramics. There are many people selling out-of-topic items too, such as Manadonese porridge. Guess what I bought there?

Sambal Ikan Roa (Roa fish chili paste)! It's very spicy as declared by that piece of paper, but also so delicious. Let's hope I don't have a mild diarrhea this week.

While I was in Erasmus Huis, I went to the exhibition hall. There was an exhibition on public housing in the Netherlands (which was supposed to end on Nov. 7, but it's still there, I don't know until when). I had planned to see it but somehow couldn't make it until Nov. 7, how lucky I was!

Public housing in Indonesia usually has the unflattering box-shaped design in order to optimize space and budget. The photos show that it is possible to apply good design on public housing.

As a fan of bicycle, the last photo appeals to me the most:)

Afterwards, I picked up my ticket for Namaste Festival next week and have a free facial treatment (I got vouchers for both). 

On Sunday, we had a visit from a relative and her family. But a few hours before their arrival, we had an unexpected guest from the wildlife: a one-meter long creature that sneaked into our kitchen.

I was the first person to see it, well actually I only saw its tail when I was going to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Then M saw it eating the poisonous trap for the rats. At first we thought it was a civet (because its skin has a similar pattern like a civet). When our guests arrived (a couple with three sons), the boys were excited to hear that we had 'a civet' in the kitchen. We're not that happy, really. So when they offered to catch it, we gladly welcome the offer.

What we thought as a civet turned out to be a very big lizard! In the midst of the ruckus I forgot to take the pictures of the lizard. Long story short, we caught it. Since the boys wanted to keep the lizard as a pet, we gave them a box to carry the animal.

Then we had a fishing party. We had two fish ponds, but the one on the backyard was being dried for cleaning. So all the fishes occupied the front porch pond.

The fishing party begins

We kept the mujair (cichlid fishes, Tilapia mossambicus)

But took out two gurame (fresh-water carps, Osphronemus goramy)

And three patin (large catfishes, Pangasius nasutus)

Our activity attracted a stray cat. Look at how the cat pretended to be cool and calm, hahaha.

Laying out my weekend in pictures made it more interesting than it really was. Hmm. Now, it's your turn. What did you do last weekend? :)

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