Friday, October 16, 2015


The new office employs more men than the former office. But the single ones are younger than me. There are four single guys in the new office. One is two years younger, one is eight years younger, one is nine years younger and one is 14 years younger (!). Instead of Mbak, I asked them to call me Bibi (Auntie).

"You're so weird. A lot of women wanted to be called Mbak (which signifies a young woman), but you want to be called Bibi. Why is that?" one of them asked.

"Well, I'm not young anymore, definitely older than you are. Why should I deceive you and myself with the name title? Besides, I like Return of Condor Heroes' main character Bibi Lung," I said.

Three younger colleagues and I had drinks after work at a nearby convenience store. Then we had this idea to make a clandestine Whatsapp group. I suggested that we named it Piranha Porstars, a word play on the number of the initial founders (MAE, FNA, DAP and I). FNA added RJP and IS later on. However, after a few weeks, IS left group for cellphone efficiency and it made Porstars having five members. We still call it Porstars though.

Here are some conversation we had…

On The Group Name
IS: I think there is a letter missing in this group’s name
Me: You mean, letter N?
IS: Yes
DAP: Oh yes, it should have been Piranhan Porstars

On Going Home
Situation: Being the eldest and the Auntie for all, I can’t help worrying if they have reached home or not. So I usually check them out. Here’s the kind of conversation we usually have
Me: Has everyone reached home?
RJP: I have
MAE: Me too
DAP: Just entered my apartment
FNA: I’m still on the commuter line. Three more stations to go
Me: But the journey is not over yet for you still have to row the boat, take ojek and swing from one tree to another…
FNA: Bibi, why are you bullying me too?
(Thirty minutes later)
FNA: Hurray, I’ve reached home
Me: It’s already 12:01 AM. No need to sleep. Go back to Jakarta for work, or you’ll be late
FNA: (-_-)”

On Having Lunch And Game
DAP: Let’s have lunch
FNA: Let’s. Where?
DAP: Tengjo?
FNA: Ah, that’s too far
DAP: Panin’s canteen?
FNA: That’s also far
DAP: (starting to lose his patience) All eateries are far…from Bojong. So where do you want to have lunch?
FNA: The canteen in the basement
DAP: Nope, I can’t play CoC there, no signal
Me: (-_-)”

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