Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Between Bukittinggi And Padang, Part 2

Day 4

Most of my colleagues were returning to Jakarta on Day 4, but me and four other girls decided to extend the stay. We spent the night at Edotel, a small hotel owned by vocational school SMK 9 Padang. The staffers, from receptionist to cook, are students of the vocational school.

Since we were not ambitious travelers, we spent the day stopping by the houses of Wid's foster parents and Meg's grandma and going to Bukit Langkisau (Langkisau Hill). Then we got back to the hotel and slept.   

Panorama of Bukit Langkisau (Langkisau Hill)

 Another viewpoint of Bukit Langkisau

Day 5

We decided to go island hopping to Pasumpahan island and chose a package from La Villa Sofia, a small villa nearby the Bungus port. When we got to the villa, we were struck with the view, it was majestic!

We  swam around, had lunch by the beach and returned shortly because we anticipated the rain. It's been raining in Padang and Bukittinggi during our visit. 

We passed Teluk Bayur (Bayur Bay) on our way to Bungus port

 Panorama from La Villa Sofia

 The book shelf in La Villa Sofia contains many works of Russian authors, me like :).

Pasumpahan island

Pasumpahan island

Jelly fish!

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