Thursday, September 18, 2014

As If In A Sit-Com :D

After working in this office for one year, I get a feeling like I'm working for a sit-com, where everyone is actors and there will be this guy shouting "Cut!" any moment. Here is why...

1. Perfect blocking
There are moments when people just appeared a few seconds after we talk about them. This can lead to an awkward lull or a roaring laugh if we are talking about their weird antics (which is the case most of the time). 

Example 1.
DG: Mbak Tifa, Mas Ari would like to borrow the video to complete the MoM.
Me: Ok, sure. (I had not even closed my mouth when said person showed up at my door.)
Ari: Hi, may I borrow the video?
Me: Did you just listening behind the door before making the entrance?
Ari: No, it's just that I got the elevator quickly (His office is on the 6th floor, mine is on the 20th)

Example 2.
DRA: I've finished the news draft for web update. I'll be sending it to your email and Boss NPM.
Me: Ok, thank you.
NPM: (suddenly appeared at my door) Did anyone just call my name?
DRA: OMG, what is wrong with you guys? Why do you show up out of the blue like a genie?

2. There is no protagonist or antagonist. Everyone is both funny and annoying
Example 1.
NPM: Everyone who works in this office experience a major improvement.
Me: Really? *sounding skeptical*
NPM: But your improvement is specifically in the curves (He wants to say that I've gained weights.-Editor)
Me: Do you realize that I'm holding a fork at the moment? *with threatening voice*

Example 2.
Situation: I was in the photocopy/scanner-cum-pantry area, making a cup of hot chocolate while waiting for the scanner complete its job. Suddenly AA entered, took over my chair and began to print a document.
Me: Hey, I'm scanning a document.
AA: Oh sorry, I didn't notice
Me: *leaving my cup at the pantry and trying to take back the computer* Move over, please. Oh, great, now the scanning is postponed.
AA: I'm done with the printer. Here you are. Oh, there's hot chocolate (and then she just drank it)
Me: Hey, that's mine (-_-)"

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