Friday, July 11, 2014

A Farewell To Boss :)

Boss NPM's last day was today. So to give him a proper farewell, let's write something funny to remember him by :D.

1. The Workaholic Boss
Situation: We were excited to exercise our political rights for the presidential election on July 9 (and the holiday, of course. Ha!). But there was one person who was not happy about it.
Boss NPM: So we're going to have a day off on July 9?
Colleague #1: Yes, it's a national holiday.
Boss NPM: But we can cast the vote in the morning and then come to office in the afternoon.
Colleague #2: It's a regulation, Pak. We can't break regulation.
Boss NPM: So we're going to have a day off?
All colleagues: *Returning to our own cubicles in silence*

2. The One Who Is Mentally Healthy (Or So, We Hope)
Situation: During a 3-day workshop
Boss NPM: I'm not feeling well today. My throat is sore, my eyes are aching.
PFC: But your soul is well? (In other words: Are you healthy psychologically?)
Boss NPM: *Between angry and trying to hold his laugh*

3. The Serial Meeting Organizer
Situation: He usually discussed some issues on Communication with me, because I'm one of those assistants without officer :P.
Boss NPM: Tifa, please come to my room right now and bring your laptop with you.
Me: Yes, Sir.
(A few minutes later, I asked an issue that he couldn't answer and he would call related department.)
Boss NPM: Could someone from Finance department come to my room right now?
(And then the Finance person asked another issue, and the Boss had to call another person, of course.)
Boss NPM: Jack, come to my room now. I want to ask you something.
(In the end, the whole staffs would come to his room and we would move the meeting to the meeting room.)

4. The Forgetful Boss
Situation: I got a message from my colleague that Boss NPM asked me to contact a person for an event.
Me: You want me to contact Ms. A?
Boss NPM: Yes, she's a forestry expert who works in the 5th floor.
Me: Ok, who has her number? Because I don't.
Boss NPM: Well, I have her number.
Me: Okay. May I have it?
Boss NPM: Wait a minute, I've called her last Friday. She said she couldn't come to the event.
Me: -_- "

5. The Boss Who Is Always Panic Whenever His Employee Is Taking Leave    
Situation: I was taking a leave. This conversation was reported by my colleague, who was taking care everything during my leave.
Boss NPM: Is there anything urgent? Are you overwhelmed with work? I will ask Tifa to return to office ASAP.
Colleague: I don't think so. Everything is OK.
(However, he did call me when I was checking in at the airport.)
Boss NPM: Hello, where are you at the moment?
Me: I'm at Sultan Hasanuddin airport, in Makassar, South Sulawesi.
Boss NPM: When are you coming back to Jakarta?
Me: Well, in about five hours, I suppose. I'm in the middle of checking-in.
Boss NPM: When are you coming back to office?
Me: The day after tomorrow. Because tomorrow is still my day off.
Boss NPM: Can you come tomorrow? Just for half day. There's a meeting in Bogor at 2 p.m. that needs your presence, it's about the visit to Madura.
Me: Argh. Okay, half day it is.
(P.S. This is also happening whenever other employees taking leave)

Despite his antics, he is a kind boss who is ready to help out whenever I stuck in a rut. Boss NPM, thank you for everything and good luck on your future endeavor :).

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