Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good and Funny Bosses Do Exist...

...and mine is one of them.

If you are a regular to this blogs, you'd knew about my current boss, a British guy with a pair of blue eyes. Let's call him Blue-Eyed Editor (BEE). When we are not working, we are having funny conversations. Below are just some of those conversations.

#1. Gossip Tabloids
Situation: WW (one of my colleagues) and I were discussing about an article in an entertainment tabloid about the coming of age of teenage soap opera star Cinta Laura Kiehl.
BEE : (with a serious face) WW, I've told you once and now I'm telling you again that you should never bring a gossip tabloid to the office.
WW: But this is yours!
BEE : Really? Well, you should never told anyone about it.
Me  : *trying to hold my laughter*

#2. Do You Need Me At The Office?
Situation: The Jakarta administration announced that the gubernatorial election day that fell on July 11 would be a day off, to give people a chance to exercise their political rights. But since our office would still publish newspapers on that day, we needed to finish works before the dates.
BEE : Now, about the election day. Would you go to the office on that day?
Me  : Do you need me on that day? I'm a Bekasi resident, I won't be casting my vote.
BEE : That's a good attitude you have there. Do I need you at the office? Yes, I do. I'm giving Fith and Fem a day off, but you will have to come to the office. There are so many articles I need to edit and you will help me with that.
Me  : What???
BEE : I'm just joking. You guys can have a day off. But if you ask, I always need you at the office. You know that.
Me   : -_-

#3. U Is For Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Uganda and Uruguay
Situation: A month before I left for Ukraine, I told BEE about my plan. He said that as long as I had finished my works, I could go. Then a day before my departure, I told him that I got the visa.
BEE: You've got the visa? So you're going to Uzbekistan tomorrow?
Me  : Yes, I got the visa. But I'm going to U..ganda.
BEE: What?
Me  : I'm just kidding. I'm going to Ukraine, not Uzbekistan.
BEE: I was pretty sure I heard you're going to Uzbekistan. But on second thought, perhaps it's U...ruguay. Hey, we can do this game the whole day!

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