Friday, September 25, 2015

In The Name Of Love

As coffee culture sweeping across the country, the city has seen more cafes mushrooming. From the retro-feel Kopi Oey to the laid-back Anomali to the movie-inspired Filosofi Kopi Store, you can pick the one cafe that suits your mood. 

But I'm not going to talk about coffee or cafe trend here.

Now if you are a long time reader of this blogs, you know my name often gets misspelled (my number #1 pet peeves). I'm not the only, though. Heather, a colleague's wife, once ordered a drink at a nearby Starbucks and when the drink was ready, she found "Hater" was scribbled on the cup.

"But I'm not a hater!" she exclaimed.
No, you're not, Heather. And I'm not Tiva, Tika, Tira or whatever weird name the barista scribbled on the cup.

I'm tired of correcting and spelling my name everytime I place an order, so I've been doing a trick: when the cashier asks what name should he writes on the cup, I tell him/her that my name is Cinta (an Indonesian word for 'love', but also a character name in an Indonesian hit movie 'Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?' or 'What's Up with Love?').

The pseudonym makes a great conversation opener with the cashier or the barista. I've been getting giggles/raised eyebrows upon mentioning the name. Here are two funny occurrences involving Cinta.

1. Cinta and Rangga
Situation: I went with friends, and placed orders for two. 
Cashier: Your name is...?
Me: Cinta
Cashier: Then the other beverage must be for Rangga, right? (Note from the Editor: Rangga is the love interest of Cinta in the aforementioned movie)
Me: Well...yeah, sure
(My friend, who is a guy, raised his eyebrows but stayed silent upon seeing the name. However, things got even more embarrassing when the barista walked around the tables and saw him.)
Barista: Oh, so this is Rangga. Nice to meet you. I hope you don't leave Cinta again this time (Note from the Editor: that's what happens in the movie)

2. C-I-N-T-A
Situation: I went to a cafe, where the barista sported mustaches and tattoos along his arms.
Cashier: Your name is...?
Me: Cinta
Cashier: C-I-N-T-A?
Me: Yep
(When the drink was ready, guess how the barista call my name?)
Barista: In the name of C-I-N-T-A
Me: You can just say Cinta. No need to spell it. 
Barista: (blushes)

P.S. You know what people say: Love is never wrong. I've never get any misspelled name on my cup since I use Cinta as my nickname.

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