Friday, March 6, 2015

A Time-Saving Strategy

My clothing line on a sunny Saturday

How many minutes do you spend to pick your outfit of the day?

To be honest, I can spend more than 15 minutes just to make the decision. And even then, the outfit is not always well-color coordinated.

A colleague prepares her weekly work wardrobe in advance so she can leave home for work in a jiffy every morning. The amazing thing is she nails the color coordination perfectly. Key to this strategy: she washes her dirty laundry every day.

I wish I can follow her strategy, but washing everyday means more water usage, which is not environment-friendly, so I keep to my weekly washing schedule. Therefore, most of the times, when I try to plan the work wardrobe for the next day I can't find the top/the trousers/the headscarf I want to match because they are still being dried.

Another colleague who always wear white shirts. He has so many white shirts with different sleeve length, style and button color.  When I asked the reason, he said that he often did monitoring activity on the field, so he chose white shirt because it reflected the sunlight and absorbed less heat. 

I think his approach is great because if you only have one color to choose, then you'll spend less time to color coordinate and have more time to do other things. And then I stumbled upon this articlethis and this, which had me thinking to pick one color and ditch the rest. However, I love colors and I can't imagine having to live with only one color.

If you must choose one color for your wardrobe for the rest of your life, what color will that be? And why?

P.S. Another article on five New Yorkers having only one color in their wardrobe.

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