Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Brouhaha On Indonesian Election. Is It Over Yet?

I didin't have time to blog much about the presidential election that took place on July 9, but boy, what a divisive election it had been!

This year, there were only two presidential candidates and both tried their best to win over the people's hearts. Each had their own strategies; one was more about 'if you choose me, I'll make Indonesia number #1 in all sectors', while the other one was a bit like 'help me and together we can build Indonesia'. The first was like a superhero/panacea, while the second was more about empowerment.

This year, the media bravely put their hearts on the sleeves. And I'm not only talking about TVs, which have always been gravitating to their favorite candidate. The newspaper also jumped into the band wagon! I was shocked when I read this editorial.

Let's not forget how much social media played major roles in this year's election. Both candidates had their fair share of supporters in Facebook, Twitter or Path. Almost everyone I know showed their preference toward their favorite candidates. There was a period when I just didn't open social media because there were too much news/black campaign/rumors.

I may be not opening social media, but I couldn't escape from the topic. Everywhere, either on the way to office, in the market or during reunion (!), I could hear conversations about the election. The opening line would go like this: "So, who are you rooting for? Prabowo or Jokowi?"  

One month of campaign was certainly too long because people already knew which candidate they would vote. Families and friends got into heated argument just because they had different opinion on the candidates. At some point, the situation was a bit tense because both candidates suspected the other of cheating the election process. It was a good thing that the process happened during Ramadhan, at least people kinda hold their emotion. It is so relieving that the election was over in a peaceful manner.

However, the losing candidate was still not happy about the result and decided to file the case to the Constitutional Court. I hope everything ends well for everybody. I just want to be able to work and live peacefully, regardless of the president.

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