Monday, August 11, 2014

Monkey Selfie Revisited

Photographer David Slater (center) tried to coax the monkeys to return his camera. Source

Remember this monkey selfie? David Slater, the photographer (or perhaps, in this case, the camera owner) had asked web-based encyclopaedia Wikipedia to remove the photos from the web's page on Macaca nigra (the crested black macaque).

Slater had set up the camera and timer when the monkeys snatched the camera. One of the monkeys pressed the shutter button and the whirring sound of the timer attracted their attention.

Wikipedia said that although the photos were taken on the photographer's camera, Slater did not own the copyrights because he did not take the photos.

Can a monkey own copyrights or can a human claim copyrights on the selfie? What do you think?

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