Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Think I Need A Smartphone Detox

I've just owned a smartphone in less than a year, but I must say that it does me more harm than good. There are a lot of benefits in smartphone ownership, but this post will only focus on the negative sides.

First of all, now I could access Internet, colleagues and bosses would send me text messages and emails (read: work) even in the weekends. Gaaahhh. Gone are my peaceful weekends and happy idle moments in the public transportation.

Then there is this constant mind distraction. Every time the phone rings I would fish it from the abyss that is my bag, thinking that it is an important email from the office, only to find that it's just another newsletter from a random company. Cousin Dina told me to assign different ringtone for different apps, but I don't think my brain can remember which ringtone is for which apps.

There were moments when I got lost in the socmed and then forgot to hop off the train or the elevator. That was annoying, I had to go back one station or, in the case of elevator, I went straight back to the ground floor and then waited again to be transported to the 20th floor.

Last week, I just noticed that the woman standing nearby was my former colleague only a few minutes before I hopped off the TransJakarta. I didn't see her because of the obvious reason: I kept looking at my smartphone. But then, she was too.

I don't remember what it was like to just board the public transport, chat with other fellow passenger or secretly observe other passengers, instead of looking at the smartphone. Life was a lot simpler before the smartphone.


  1. Agree Tip,
    And detox from high colesterol product to (kaga nyambung ya :)

    1. Wkwkwk well, it's all about self-control. We can do it!