Friday, August 8, 2014

Have A Lovely Weekend

Cultural heritage: A group of Dani youngsters perform a traditional dance during the opening ceremony of the 25th Baliem Valley Cultural Festival in Wosilimo District, Jayawijaya, Papua, on Thursday. The annual festival, which will run until Saturday, is aimed at preserving the rich local culture. (Antara/Iwan Adisaputra, link)
I think this August will be a month of social functions and activities as I've already received three invitations to weddings and at least two requests for halal bi halal (post-Idul Fitri gathering). I could just imagine the question flying above my extended family's heads.
If you don't have any schedule this week, then consider you're lucky to have a quiet weekend. You can take time to explore the new restaurants J-town has to offer, some are featured here. Except this event at @america, I don't find a lot of events on the cultural centers, it is very likely that they are still in holiday.

Have a lovely weekend, y'all :).

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