Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Trip To The World's Third Largest Atoll, Part 2

28 May 2014

Good morning, Takabonerate! We woke up in the morning and quickly ran to the beach. We saw baby sharks of blacktip reef shark type.

Baby shark and my toes

 The underwater view

The following conversation after this pic was taken:
Dwi: Come, baby shark, come. Breakfast is ready.
Tini: Dude, they are not cute kittens. Just throw it away.

One of the sand islands (gosong) in Takabonerate

Embracing the blue

A typical house in Latondu island, and other islands in Takabonerate atoll

Dried fish

With one of the green sea turtles in the captive breeding area

 Children in Latondu island showcased their synchronized springboard jumping ability :)

The best thing about Takabonerate? My cellphone could not receive any signal! Oh, perfection!

29 May 2014

Today we went snorkeling at a spot with a sea wall and a trog. It was exciting and eerie at the same time! We could see the corals deep below and the school of fishes swarming near the surface. We went to three snorkeling spots and all of them were beautiful. I really didn't do justice with my pictures here. It was a whole lot more beautiful in reality.

The deeper shade of blue is calling. I should dive on my next visit!

Takabonerate is beautiful underwater and above the sea level

Besides having fun under the sun and sand, we tried to give back to the people. We stopped by Tarupa Kecil island and gave the children several text books, children magazines and pens that we had brought from our hometowns. Those were just simple things for us, but the kids were delighted to receive the gifts.

30 May 2014

It was a sad day as we had to leave Tinabo island (and Takabonerate) and back to Selayar island. We departed at 4 a.m. The star-loaded dark sky slowly turned bright and blue as we continued our deep slumber. We touched Selayar at around 9 a.m., checked into our hotel and headed out for another water adventure :).

Liang Kareta

Bird eye view

 Panorama of Liang Kareta

Framed by the boat's ladder

 My bed for the night

31 May 2014

We waited for the ferry to Bira. Ahh, we would soon leave this paradise and return to the cubicles.

The ferry that serves Selayar-Bira route

This photo was taken a few minutes after the gate was opened

 Our backpacks were piled into one

But before heading back to Makassar, we stopped by Tanahberu, a village whose residents specialize in ship making. Here are some photos.


And that's a wrap :).

I will take a break during the month of Ramadhan and may be posting sporadically when I'm able to do so. May all beings benefit from the fasting month. Hope to be back in full force in August.


If you want to visit Takabonerate atoll, you may contact Pak Ahmadi, who is in charge of the resort management in Tinabo island. His cellphone number is +62 812 15447 4809. Besides taking care of room reservation, Pak Ahmadi can also help with boat rental.


  1. Hi :)
    I'm Youngjoo park, Korean and traveler :)
    Actuallly I really want to ask to you about Takabonerate!! bcuz i couldn't find that info well :'(
    so I would like to ask that info... May I ask you some questions? :)
    If I go to Takabonerate, Then Is there have a fee right? that fee is per one day? bcuz for foreignors fee is really high than domestic :)
    And Is there have a tour program? bcuz i would liek to Snorkeling in there... ...
    so please give your Takabonerate info plz...
    bcuz I'm in Yogjakarta now. and I will go to Bira soon... ... and I would like to know boat fees (in, out ways all )
    Let me know.
    and thank you for read my message :)

  2. Hi Youngjoo, thanks for visiting. It was a friend who organized the trip and we (13 of us) shared the cost because it is cheaper (we spent less than Rp 1.8million for the transportation & accommodation in Makassar-Bira-Takabonerate-Selayar-Bira-Makassar). I must check the contact number with my friend and I'll update the information in the post.

  3. Hi,
    That trip sounded amazing.
    I want to go there in september with a friend. I was wondering, i red it's possible just to go there without booking and then put your tent(like you did) or check for a cheap room over there. As i lived for years in Indonesia i speak a little bit of bahasa. Is it really possible to do eveyrhting over there or you have to check everything first ?
    Also can I know in which island of takabonerata you were staying ? And the name of the hotel/resort/place you stayed ?

    Thank you really much.

  4. Hi Gabriela,
    It's possible to put up your tent and cook with your trangia, as long as you inform Pak Ahmadi (+62 812 15447 4809) beforehand.
    We stayed in Tinabo island, it's a humble guesthouse managed by the Takabonerate national park, so it's not exactly a resort/hotel.
    But the number of rooms is limited, so you need to check with Pak Ahmadi.
    You can also arrange for island hopping with Pak Ahmadi.
    Hope you have a great trip!