Monday, April 1, 2013

How Are You Doing, Tifa?

This photo kinda sums up my feelings lately. Crestfallen? Yes. Struggling to live? Definitely.

That's the question several friends have been asking me since I haven't posted any status in my Facebook wall or Twitter starting this year. It's been three months and I'm still alive. Yay:).

The reason behind the socmed silence was because a small conflict between my boss and I that took place on Jan. 3. He is in Facebook and follows me in Twitter too, so I decided to limit my time in those social media and focus on Blogger, particularly because not many office people know this little corner of mine.

While I no longer post status or photos, I still check Facebook to see how my friends are doing, comment on their status and sometimes tweet some work-related stuffs. 

What first started as an escape from office people-loaded social media becomes a great thing to leave behind. I like the quiet atmosphere here. Less drama and more thoughts.

Apart from the problem at the office, I'm doing good, by the way. As for M&D, well I've been spending the last week going to the hospital for D's outpatient treatment, from consulting the doctors to doing physiotherapy. 

I can say they have their good days and bad days. They're in their 60s and still manage to go around (albeit rather slowly), alhamdulillah, there's nothing a child wishes more for the parents than good health.

With the quiet moments away from FB and Twitter, I'll try to post more original contents here. I promise I won't bore you to death with too many self photos.

Have you ever take time off the socmed? Anyway, how are you doing? :)

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