Monday, March 4, 2013

Twelve Postcards To Brighten Up Your Day

Finding postcards at my desk and reading the kind words on them are so far the best work booster. So without further ado, here are 12 postcards that have made their way from far-flung countries to my tiny corner in Indonesia:).

It's the Royal Mail! The first postcard I got from England came from Martis in Cambridge, featuring one of the buildings in King's College.

Another first postcard came all the way from Switzerland, the land of the Alps, sent by Giedre. Seeing this makes me want to sing Climb Every Mountain.

Tanucha from Russia sent me this lovely sunset postcard of Sweden that she bought when she went vacationing there

A postcard of Lindis Pass, the highest point on New Zealand's South Island state highway network was sent by Howie in New Zealand.

This one was sent by Dorota from Poland

AnsD from Hoorn, The Netherlands sent me this postcard

Birdie from the US sent me this Jessie Wilcox Smith illustration of Charles Dickens' character Little Emily

And...this black and white train postcard from Tamara of Belarus is definitely my favorite!

Apart from the Poscrossing, I also received four postcards: one is from Lene in Germany. She writes in both English and German, giving me a flashback to the 1990s, when I studied the language alongside my cousin RYH.

This is a cute word play. Giessen nicht vergessen means Don't forget to water, and Giessen is also the name of the city where Lene lives and studies.

The other one is from Darima, a poscrosser who already sent me a postcard back in January. She said she sent two because she thought one might not be enough. That's very kind of her. I couldn't register her second postcard, so I offered her a postcard from Indonesia. I hope she'll like it.

Darima sent me this landscape postcard of Lake Baikal. 

My friend Dian, who is studying in Paris, went to Vienna, Austria for the winter holiday and sent me this lovely postcard of Stephansdom.

My colleague Fith who went to the Netherlands last October sent me this postcard.

Greetings from Den Helder

Have a magnificent Monday! 

P.S. While we are talking postcard, I'd like to ask if you guys know any place that sells quality Indonesia-themed postcards beside Kinokuniya and Periplus? Don't say Gramedia, because the postcards have blurry pictures.

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