Monday, February 25, 2013

Pieces Of My Weekend

Hello, kind people!

How was your weekend? While you may be filling up the weekend by eating and doing healthy stuffs, I do the opposite. Saturday morning found me eating the newest flavor of Indomie instant noodle: Indomie Goreng Cabe Ijo (green chili fried noodle).

I haven't eaten any instant noodle this year, so I guess it's okay to eat one last Saturday. Whatever, it's my guilty pleasure:). Anyway, the product's tagline says "Ijo, Hot, Mantap" (green, hot and... umm not really sure which word to describe mantap in this case, but maybe...strong?), so when I saw the final result I was a bit disappointed.

It's not as green as I expected and not spicy enough (ha! I'm a chili snob :P). Indomie should at least make the noodle green, with organic color agent of course.  M likes spicy foods, so she falls for this one.

Next week, I'll try the other flavor. Stay tuned for further adventure in the land of instant noodle. Oh, and this is not a sponsored post :D.

On Sunday, we went to the polling booth to cast our votes in the West Java gubernatorial election. I didn't even know there was an election last Sunday! So when I reached the polling booth, the first thing I did was to take a look at the candidates.

Oh wow, there were three celebrities fighting for the West Java's top seat. Famous they may be, I was not familiar with their vision-mission. I still exercised my political rights though.

After casting the vote, I went to Gramedia bookstore to buy few things. Then I saw crowds along Jatinegara market and it dawned on me: it's Cap Go Meh (the 15th day of Lunar Year) festivities!

Happy Monday!

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