Monday, February 4, 2013

Photos Don't Lie

M&D have just decided to renew their passports. The last time they made passports was in 2005, before going on umrah. The following conversation took place after they had a photo session at the Immigration office. 

D: Oh dear, I look so old and thin in the photo.
Me: Well, maybe it's because you are old and thin now.
M: But our previous passport photos are not like these.
Me: Perhaps because they were taken in 2005? Which is eight years ago, when you were in your mid 50s. Now you're already in your 60s.
M&D: No way, the camera must be broken.

A few weeks later, they went to a neighborhood photo booth to have another photo session. They came home even more disappointed.

M: The photos taken at the neighborhood photo booth even come out worse than the one from the Immigration office.
Me: The conclusion?
M: The camera is also broken.

So I guess denial works for 60-something people who dislike their photos. Now, excuse me while I kiss the sky bang my head to the wall.

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